Wearable Tech Data Showing Up on Twitter


Wearable tech is expanding into a lot of places. You can dress in it from head to toe if you want to. One of the places that you may not expect to find a lot going on in wearable tech is on Twitter. Sure companies that deal in the sensor laden fabrics and accessories may announce new products and sales on the system, but what about the actual data from those devices?

Well according to recent information put out by Dick Costolo, the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter Inc., has said that data from wearable devices is already starting to show up on the service. His example focuses mainly on the personal health data that comes from sensors like those made by Nike.

For the time being the bulk of the posts come from mobile devices, such as smart phones that attach to sensors on the body, but the site is seeing information come from digital scales and other sources. For now the site it not Google Glass compatible, but they are looking for ways to make the site and the prominent wearable tech work together.

Source: Bloomberg

Image: Morguefile