Wearable Stroke Rehabilitation System


It is often a big ordeal for people recovering from strokes to go through rehabilitation, and it can be a lot of work for them. Movement just isn’t as easy as it was before, and this can cause a lot of frustration for people recovering from a stroke. This is the reason for the new stroke recovery system called Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform (SynPhNe). This system is able to help guide patients through rehabilitation and pinpoint why it might be hard for them.

The SynPhNe is being developed by Dr. John Heng and Banerji Subhasis from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and includes an arm band and a headset which connects to a computer running special software for the system. It can help stroke patients who have lost the use of one of their arms.

Often in stroke rehabilitation, patients simply aren’t able to perform tasks that might be simple for other people. This new system uses special sensors to determine exactly why the task cannot be performed and what the patient can do about it. The system has even been tested by a number of patients, and most of them have reported at least some improvement.