Wearable Solar Dress is Walking the Runway of the Future


It’s funny that we pay such exorbitant electricity bills when each and every morning, as the birds sing their songs, we get to hang out with the ultimate energy producer of the entire solar system. Our sun is a gigantic ball of fire and volcanic fury, and thus it produces a whole lot of energy. The trick is finding new and novel ways to harness this energy. To that end the wearable technology sector has become a great friend of alternate energy sources, from kinetic energy to, yes, solar. Now a brand new dress of all things seeks to harness those sunny rays with the power of, um, fashion.

Here is the Wearable Solar dress, designed by Christiaan Holland and Pauline van Dongen. This futuristic looking dress is basically one gigantic solar cell, effectively turning your entire body into a conductor of massive amounts of destructive energy. Don’t worry. It’s safe! It would be hell to wear if you lived on Mercury, however. Since we live on Earth you can wear this thing all day and charge just about everything in your life lickety split. Of course, it doesn’t have to look quite so futuristic. When the dress isn’t charging, the solar flaps can be tucked away to make the wearer look more like they came from 2013 instead of 2513.

This is just a working prototype for now, but the team hopes to bring this to the marketplace in the near future. Let’s hope it is before the faraway and dystopian year of 2513. Here is a video of the dress in sun-loving action.