Wearable Pollution Monitor by Conscious Clothing



Hundreds of products are released for people to be able to monitor themselves. Heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, and so on, are the kind of thing we think about when we think of wearable monitors. But now there is a product that is used to monitor the wearers environment rather than the wearers themselves.  It’s used to monitor the pollution levels around the wearer, and it’s by a company called Conscious Clothing.

The product was recently awarded a $100,000 prize by the National Institute of Health, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and it was awarded this prize for good reason. It’s a big step foreword in raising awareness for pollution levels, and it should help bring pollution foreword in peoples minds.

The first part of the system is a series of straps that wrap around the wearers chest and are used to measure the wearers breathing volume. This is an important step in deducing how much pollution the wearer is breathing in. The second part of the system is made up of a number of sensors that calculate the amount of pollution that’s floating around in the air, and how much of that is being breathed in every time the user takes a breath.

One of the main ideas behind the project is that so many people are obsessed with how many calories they are taking in, so it’s about time they were as concerned with the amount of pollution that is being taken into their body, as pollution levels can have a large effect on peoples health as well.

According to the National Institute of Health this product is a big step foreword in preventing certain illnesses and diseases, and it’s important for people to know how much pollution they are taking into their body.

While the system is currently not being mass produced, a number of researchers and academics have expressed interest in the product. We should hopefully start to see the product out in the world within the next couple of years, as it’s really a great idea, and pollution is an important factor in peoples health.