Wearable music player couples fitness technology with the looks of a weapon


Wearable fitness devices are are all the rage. Heck, they probably take up a good twenty percent of the stuff on this website. What’s their appeal? Well, they track your vitals as you exercise and just, in a way, act as a robotic personal trainer. Why pay a muscle-bound bozo twice a week to call you “bud” when you can pay an electronics manufacturing company once to have a device that does even more than that? Well, one thing these gadgets have yet to do is resemble deadly video game weapons. Luckily, that is about to change.

The +++ Wearable Player functions as both a tracker for physical exertion versus calories burned, as well as an interactive game-style MP3 music player. There is a social element to the music player. The designer, Italy’s Michele Tittarelli, has created a system whereupon the device can accept or reject the songs being played by exercisers near you who have the device. The criteria is the BPM of the nearby fitness enthusiast. This way you get songs that are ‘tuned’ exactly to where you are in your fitness routine. Did we mention it also looks like an awesome weapon from an awesome video game? The future!

This is, for now, just a working concept design. Watch the video below to get a bead on the video game fitness device of the future. In the meantime, why don’t you play some real video games? They are less work than fitness. Eat a pizza while you are at it as well. Pizza rules!