Wearable Cat bag/cuddle bag


Mediamatic Amsterdam hosted a workshop called “Designing Hybrid Wearables” last month. The team using the Lilypad Arduino, Leah Buchely DIY e-textile system, made a creative cat/cuddle bag.
Simulation Cat Bag
The bag created by Anouk Wipprecht, David Morgan (both Netherlands), Nick Lesley (New York) & Hans Gunter Lock (Estonia), is a substitute for the comforting feeling of a cat sitting on your lap. When you stroke the bag, it will simulate breathing, warm up, and make soothing sounds. All of these things can only be felt is the bag is held close or cuddled. There are even to two LED eyes on the bag.
Simulated Cat Bag Inside
This bag has some serious character. Here comes a new category of interactive bags.