Here is a Wearable Bitcoin Wallet That Lets You Pay Wherever


Paying for stuff can be annoying. All of that reaching in your wallet and searching for the right amount, then even more waiting as the clerk rings you up and hands you back change. Plus the weight! Who needs all of those hefty coins and bills weighing you down? It’s a tough world out there and, as such, the move to virtual currency has taken on in certain circles. Sure, as Bitcoin has recently proven, it’s not exactly yet ready for primetime, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be one day or that it isnt useful in some ways. So, yeah, here is an armband that lets you pay for stuff with Bitcoin using the power of a quick wrist swipe.

It’s called the Mevu Bracelet and, as stated, is an electronic wallet you wear around your wrist. Consider it a smartwatch, without all of the watch stuff and only having one real use. Just how smart is it? Well, it lets you use Bitcoin at your discretion at any retail location that accepts the virtual currency. However, it must be noted, most places that accept Bitcoin exist in the virtual sphere as of now. Still, New York in specific has several places you can use the fake currency.

It works using a proprietary OS called Alive, which has several interesting uses besides virtual currency, including just about any purpose you can think of formotion, voice and glanceable displays. As far as the armband goes, it’s not out yet and no release date has been given but we’ll let you know when you can spend your very own Bitcoin using your wrist.