A.I. Watch – A Watch That Is Also A Smartphone



Smartwatches are coming out left, right and center these days and they often have a number of things in common. Very few smartwatches that are being released are completely different from their competitors. Until now. Introducing the new A.I. Watch, which is not simply another smartwatch. It also has a number of great features that put it head and shoulders above a lot of other smartwatches. In fact, this watch can also act as a standalone smartphone, which is something that is quite rare among smartwatches today!

The A.I. Watch can be used, like most other smartwatches, as a companion device for your smartphone, or it can be used as a standalone device. This is similar to some other devices we’ve seen, but the A.I. Watch seems to be a little more advanced than a lot of the other devices that weren’t simply concept designs.

The device, as mentioned can take and receive calls, even if it’s not connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This is because of the SIM card slot included in the device which supports 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz GSM bands. Not only that but it also supports 3G. Despite this, the watch can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and because the device uses Bluetooth, it can also be used to connect to Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and other Bluetooth devices. There’s no word yet on what version of Bluetooth will be supported.

As far as connectivity goes, the device can also be used to connect to WiFi, making it a device that can also be used to surf the web, send and receive emails, and even manage your social media. The device also includes GPS supports so you should never get lost with this device at hand. Lastly, it makes use of NFC technology.

Not only is the connectivity of the device great, but it also includes a number of other hardware features that put this device above many other smartwatches. The A.I. Watch will sport a 1.2GHz processor, though the processor to be used is yet to be named. The watch even includes the use of an in-built camera which is 5 megapixels. The device will include 512MB of RAM, unless the funding reaches “stage 3”, which is $500,000, at which point the watch will include up to 1GB of RAM. Not only that, but the device will include 4GB of storage, which is no small feat for a device as small as a watch. The A.I. Watch will, of course, also include a microphone for making and taking calls, as well as any other application that voice recording is necessary. Finally, the watch has an in-built G-Sensor, so you can assign certain things to happen when you move the device in a certain way.

The software of the device is equally as impressive as the hardware. In fact, the device is currently set to run on Android 4.0, but if funding reaches “stage 2”, or $350,000, the device will make use of Android 4.3, which is currently the latest version of Android. The device also includes what the company is calling the A.I. virtual assistant, which is essentially A.I.’s version of Siri, and by the looks of the demo video is very effective. This a great addition to smartwatches, as often controlling the device on such a small screen will become frustrating.

The device also supports the Google Play store, and will be compatible with a fairly wide range of applications. It comes preloaded with a number of apps, and has the ability to change watch faces, as well as detect temperature, humidity, altitude, wind speed, and so on. The watch is also extremely customizable, and you can give it a Windows Metro look, among many other things you can do to customize it. You can add color tiles and change their colors, edit your start screen, edit the application list style, and so on.

Furthermore, the watch is a very capable social media device. It is easy to use Facebook on this watch, and you can access your full news feed, manage your private messages, update your status, upload photos, and even customize your Facebook background. Not only does the device work seamlessly with Facebook, but it also is a great Twitter device, and allows for you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts, and choose from different themes, one of which is battery saving. Google Maps is also put at use with the watch, and this coupled with it’s GPS capabilities mean that you should never get lost again as long as you have the A.I. Watch and it has a charge.

One thing that many smartwatches do not have is extensive health monitoring capabilities. While the A.I. Watch may not have extreme capabilities as far as fitness tracking goes, it does provide you with some options. It focuses on the 4 pillars of self-care, which include nutrition, exercise, sleep and balance, or stress management. It gives the user journaling options for these things and allows you to rate yourself from 1-5 each day as far as being healthy goes. You can then view the stats based on that, and streamline your lifestyle to be the healthiest you can be. The watch certainly does not have calorie counters or things like that, but it does allow for the wearer to track their heart beat, which could be useful in certain health tracking applications.

Clearly the A.I. watch is one of the most advanced smartwatches to be released, but it’s not only a high performer. The A.I. Watch comes in a number of colors to suit your look, and the fact that it allows for a number of different watch faces means you can further tweak it to look just like you want it to look. It even comes in a gold plated version!The watch is expected to be released to the general public in December, but you can get your hands on one of the first to be produced by pledging to the A.I. Watch Indiegogo campaign. Also, the more that the watch raises, the better the watch will be in the end, as more funding unlocks different steps that allow for a more advanced watch.

The A.I. Watch is definitely a product to keep an eye on!