Wahoo’s TICKR Run Tracks Your Heart Rate and Running Form


Exercising is an annoying and occasionally frustrating activity, especially when the couch and the video game are so convenient. I mean, look at it. Your video game console is practically screaming out to be played and your running sneakers are practically screaming out to be avoided. So yeah, the human propensity to avoid exercise is legendary. Thankfully, wearable technology has been trying to curb our lazy demons by offering us easy ways to track exactly what it is we do while we exercise. This tracking has, for the most part, been relegated to heart rate and blood pressure. Now, however, there is a device that not only monitors those things, but also monitors if we are performing our exercises correctly. Yay for non wasted time!

Wahoo, a company that rhymes with a major player in the Internet search biz, has just unveiled their TICKR Run armband. As stated, this armband keeps a healthy eye on our vitals, including heart rate, as we run. However, it goes one step further. This bad boy here even tracks the actual content of your run, meaning if you are running with correct form(hint, you probably aren’t.) How does it do this incredible feat? Embedded motion sensors and other tech-heavy doodads. Of course, all of the collected information can be streamed to a related iPhone app for instant perusal. However, it won’t actually force you to run correctly so you are on your own with that one.

The company says the TICKR Run will cost around $80 which really isn’t so bad given its functionality. Why, it’s actually downright thrifty. It’s available for purchase now.