Wacom’s Inkling Pen is the carry around digital pen of your fantasies


This is for all of you artists and designers out there. You know what sucks? Creating a great drawing, for work or for pleasure, and then having to go through the annoying measure of scanning it for digital use. Thanks to Wacom, that will be a problem of the past.

The company’s Inkling pen is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big on major ideas. You see, it turns any drawing or scribble you come up with into a digital file, as you are doing it. It works just like a regular ballpoint pen. You sketch on to a piece of paper and you see it in front of you, in real ink. The system, however, instantly converts said sketch into your choice of digital formats.

The Wacom Inkling comes with a pen, receiver, rechargeable batteries, four spare pen ink cartridges, charging case and the Inkling Sketch Manager Application. It will be released in the latter half of September and will cost $200.