Vuzix Wrap 1200’s embed the 3D right there in the glasses


Vuzix are back ya’ll! The eyewear company that could has just prepped their recent mad genius creation. Ok, so we all know when you watch something in 3D you have two parts. The glasses and the screen that the glasses interact with. Certain smartphones and game devices(3DS) have been trying to eliminate the glasses, but where are the devices that are eliminating the screen? Nowhere, until now.

Vuzix’s Wrap 1200 glasses actually embed the 3D in the glasses. The glasses simulate a 75-inch display. That’s a lot of inches. iPhone and component video cables are included in the box, letting you plug in to a variety of content. Finally, we are one step closer to a virtual reality world where we don’t have to actually talk to one another. Cool!

This tech comes at a bit of a price, however. The Wrap 1200s will set you back $500. Still, though, that’s a small price to play for viewing Avatar as it was meant to be viewed, alone while wearing glasses.