Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality Glasses Bring 3D to Life for Windows

vuzix Vr920

If you’ve ever wanted an upgrade to the standard flat screen , you can check out the Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality Glasses to use with your computer! Designed for use with 3D, the headset fits over your eyes, includes built in headphones, and is perfect for immersing you in a movie or gaming experience. Vuzix is well known for their video and virtual reality glasses, but you will definitely want to check these out as well.  Sorry TV fans, these glasses only work on your computer.

vuzix Vr920


VR920 Virtual Reality Glasses

The Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality Glasses come with the device which is labeled as iWear VR920, a head strap, drivers, manual, and can be purchased in tandem with an eyewear shield to block out all light. Needless to say, the VR920 is not intended to be worn while in a room with other people. The device is made out of heavy duty black plastic and includes two 640×480 (920,000 pixels) LCD displays, NVIDA Stereo, built in noise cancelling microphone, USB connection, Analog VGA output, and a view equivalent to a 62” screen viewed at 9 feet with a 32 degree field view.


If you plan on purchasing the VR920 virtual reality glasses, you can use it on any Windows computer including Vista, XP, and 7 including both 32 and 64 bit computers. These glasses are plug and play, but also come with a hardware disc but they are plug and play so you should be able to simply plug them in.  Notably, your graphics card has to support dual monitor display, meaning that if you cannot plug in a second screen and have it work on your computer, then you can’t use the VR920 virtual reality glasses. However, most computers have this capability.


vuzix vr920Want to know what you can use these virtual reality glasses for? There are a lot of great things you can do with them including play your favorite games and watch 3D television.  You could play World of Warcraft with them, or watch your favorite films including Netflix via the big screen, and a lot more.

One of the most exciting uses for these glasses would be for flight simulators. With 32 degree wraparounds, it’s pretty hard to get too much more realistic. Or as one person on Mashable points out, virtual reality glasses could revolutionize the adult film industry, but don’t get too excited about that yet, there are much better reasons to purchase an expensive pair of virtual reality glasses.

The Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality glasses can be purchased in the U.S., UK and Japan, and costs under $500. You can also purchase a range of accessories including light shields and an attachable camera to use for gaming and VOIP.

There are plenty of uses for these glasses if you have the money, and virtual reality headsets are definitely one of the hottest bits of technology on the market today.  What would you do with virtual reality glasses?