Vuzix Has Plans For Some Snazzy Smart Sunglasses


Sure, you hear all kinds of stuff about smartglasses, not only on this blog but all over this mega-beast we call the Internet. It’s smartglasses this and smartglasses that. What about their darker tinged cousins, sunglasses? Don’t sunglasses deserve some smart love? Well, several companies think so and there certainly has been some inroads in the past year as far as developing that sort of tech. However, they’ve all had one thing in common thus far. They weren’t too easy on the eyes. I mean, how they look. They fit just fine, probably. In any event, here is another pair that is trying to handle the aesthetics a bit differently.

Vuzix, who are no strangers to the wearable tech game, have announced plans to make a line of smart sunglasses that are easy on the eyes and easy on the eyes if you get my drift. These aesthetically pleasing specs will feature all of the usual bells and whistles of the smartglasses world. The AR-based screen would be rather unobtrusive, as your vision would already be somewhat marred via that whole blocking the sun thing. You wouldn’t want to walk into the ocean, or bump into a saxophone player or anything. The company says they are partnering up with several unnamed designers to create the prettiest sunglasses they can possibly make. You go guys.

As far as the release date and the price, the sky is the limit. Vuzix has announced neither, being as how deals are still being finalized and all of that. I wouldn’t expect anything on store shelves until late 2015, at the earliest. We’ll let you know when that happens, of course.