Vuzix Is At It Again! – The Vuzix Star 1200XL



Vuzix is a company that has been leading the way in augmented reality technology over the past couple of years, and they’ve surfaced as a company to beat in the field of augmented reality headsets. Not only that, but they’ve also been teaming up with some very powerful companies to provide better augmented reality experiences, such as in the field of gaming. Vuzix is at it again, and they’ve recently announced a new headset, the Vuzix Star 1200XL.

Vuzix claims that the Star 1200XL offers a number of things that other virtual reality headsets simply cannot, and with good reason. The Star XL is the third generation of a line of Vuzix products, and it aims to build on the first two generations and add even more functionality and features.

First of all, the Vuzix Star 1200XL features a smaller and lighter camera. Despite this, the Vuzix Star 1200XL does not compromise on functionality, and the camera is still a full 1080p HD camera, offering extremely high quality video. Not only that, but the camera offers up to 35 degrees of diagonal view, and the ability to adjust the separation between the eyes. Furthermore, The screen on the Vuzix Star 1200XL is equivalent to viewing a 75-inch screen from 10 feet away. Not bad at all.

The Vuzix Star 1200XL can also display 3D content, which is sure to be a very immersive experience. Furthermore, the GPS system in the Vuzix Star 1200XL is able to detect not only your location, but also your viewing angle and direction. This is sure to provide an even better virtual reality experience, and allow for the user to maximize the usage they can get from the device.

We should be seeing products like this more and more from Vuzix, and ones with a lower price tag as the Vuzix Star 1200XL is currently going for around 5K.