Vuzix goes for the Google Glass gold with their M100 smartglasses


Don’t blink. You could miss the coming smartglasses onslaught. These intelligent spex are coming to a pair of eyeballs near you, thanks to Google championing the tech with their forthcoming Google Glass gadget. Since the big G announced their foray into the medium, it seems as though we can’t go a day without another company jumping on the bandwagon. This is doubly interesting considering the source glasses aren’t even out yet. Well, hold on to your retinas, here comes another one.

Vuzix, who to be fair have been dabbling in similar fields for years, have announced they are prepping their very own pair of smartglasses, dubbed the M100. This hands-free smart device comes with an integrated “virtual display” eyepiece, WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, a 720p HD camera, and motion sensors. What’s the hook that sets it apart from Google’s bouncing baby boy? The display only goes over one eye, thus making it, or more less, a smart-eyepatch. Running on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, the techy patch allows the wearer to text, watch video, take pictures, read and send email, navigate, and listen to audio as well as interact with your smartphone or tablet. It basically does everything your favorite phone does, you just throw it on your face.

The company has announced the M100s will be available commercially sometime in the middle part of next year. The price? You had better start saving now, as each unit will set you back $1000. Oh well, making your eyeballs better is an expensive process! The singularity has to come somehow.