VorpX Automatically Converts Software For Use With Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift isn’t yet owned by many people but one thing is for certain, this thing will one day take over the real world by giving us a completely virtual one. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Rift is an eyewear device that you strap around your face. The results? Anywhere you turn your head in a game or application, your avatar will follow suit. It’s the closest thing we have yet to the Holodeck and gamers have taken notice. The only problem? It takes a fair amount of programming to get these games ready to go. Not so fast, programmers. Now there’s an application that does the heavy lifting for you.

This application, which is still in beta, is called VorpX and it works pretty much as advertised. It specializes in turning games that have not been Rift-optimized into bona fide virtual reality experiences. There are some clever workarounds as to how this gets done, and it isn’t failsafe, but it should provide hours of VR goodness to those who have an interest in that sort of thing which is pretty much everyone. Did we mention that virtual reality is really, really(really) cool?

As far as the price, you can nab this program for a one time activation fee of $40. That’s not a bad deal considering all of the entertainment you’ll squeeze out of that forty bones. The game list it is already confirmed to work reads like a who’s who of PC gaming. It includes the Fallout series, GTA IV and many, many more. Here are some videos of it in action.