Voltaic Systems Spark Tablet Case powers your iPad with the sun


Voltaic Systems is the king of solar powered wearable tech, so it comes as no surprise that they would extend their energetic arm to the world of iPads. But, not just Apple’s tablet baby. The Spark Tablet Case also powers other tablets, including the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The product offers a 1:1 energy ratio, and promises 1 hour of power for your favorite tablet with one hour of solar charging. No more hunting out there in the wild for a power outlet. Now you can go out there and hunt for the sun, which is considerably easier. Unless, of course, you live in Greenland or the dark side of the moon.

The case offers some soft padding so your pad won’t get dinged up by all of that energy. The shell is also made with recycled soda bottles for you green-heads out there. The solar panel comes in in silver, charcoal and orange. The price has not been announced yet. Look for it to release sometime this Spring, just in time for the sun to complete its triumphant return.