Voltaic Generator Laptop Solar Bag – Introduced at CES


Voltaic Generator Laptop Solar Bag

CES is a hot spot in promoting hot trends as previously mentioned. To emphasize this, Voltaic Systems,-the company that started the Solar Bag trend at a time not many of us paid much attention to renewable energy-has once again set the direction to where Solar bags are headed in 2008 by introducing their latest creation, the ‘Generator’ Laptop Solar Bag.

The ‘Generator’ features a ginormous solar panel that covers the entire front side of the laptop bag produces. The large panel can produce up to 14.7 watts of power, that’s over 3 times more than Voltaic Systems current Solar bag range!

Assuming the Generator bag is similar to the current bag range from Voltaic Systems, the Generator is constructed from fabrics made of recycled plastic bottles which makes it the most environmentally friendly bag you can find on the planet.

Unfortunately the Generator Laptop Solar Bag is not yet available but Voltaic Systems expects it to be ready for shipment later this spring at a suggested retail price of $ 599.-

We hope Voltaic can ship this baby in time to have the Generator bag ready for the summer season, allowing us to harvest as much energy on the go as possible.