Vodaphone Creates Shorts That Use Body Heat to Charge Your Phone


If their is one thing that typifies modern life it is a plentitude of gadgets. How many do you own? Just looking at my bedroom table, I spy a video game portable console, a smartphone, two tablets and other odds and ends. All of these gizmos are super cool, there is no denying that. However, they are also super energy hogs. Also, they tend to run out of juice right when you need them most. Companies all over the globe are in an arms race of sort to create a viable power source that can charge these gadgets on the fly, usually using either the sun or the human body. Here is another contender.

European phone service provider Vodaphone is no stranger to this site. Now they are back with a pair of shorts that feature a pocket they are appropriately naming the Power Pocket. Why the name? Well, because if you tuck your smartphone away in this pocket it will slowly receive a charge thanks to the residual body heat of your posterior. Each of these pockets contain thermoelectric modules that convert temperature differences into actual useable power. Wearing them for a full day will give your phone a four hour charge. Not a jean shorts fan? Don’t worry. The company is also putting this tech in sleeping bags. Finally, you can be surrounded by your beloved gadgets while enjoying the great outdoors.

These are just working prototypes for now but there is no reason why the company won’t bring these to store shelves soon. It’s a great idea and, hey, it works. Our sweaty butts are primed and ready to go on that whole “charging of smartphones” thing.