VISR Goggles Aim to Make VR Cheap and Easy


There seems to be two conflicting school of thoughts developing when it comes to virtual reality eyewear devices. There are the luxury brands, which seek to envelop consumers in the sleekest fake worlds money can by, usually by strapping them into some PC software. There are also the brands who accomplish something similar, although less magnificent, via magnifying a smartphone that has been slipped over your eyeballs. Big companies are stepping on the latter trend, with Samsung being the biggest but not only name. Now there is a new competitor to that front which claims to offer the easiest and cheapest way to access VR in the known universe. You know what? They may be right.

The “o” hating VISR device is essentially a cardboard version of similar smartphone-heavy VR designs. However, it’s not a DIY affair. The device comes fully assembled, just awaiting your phone to be slid in there like a hot pocket in reverse. Even cooler? It has access to the full suite of software available on similar devices, which is now becoming quite a hefty collection. Of course, this won’t be as amazing as using a Rift as it doesn’t have the same head-tracking capabilities, but you can wear headphones and still get an immersive experience.

Now here’s the coolest part. You can pre-order one of these bad boys now for the incredible price of, oh, around $22. That’s right, for the price of a real supreme pizza you can stare at fake supreme pizzas for the rest of your days. All you have to do is head on down to their Kickstarter and plunk down the coin. The price will be raising, although not significantly, once the Kickstarter is done.