Virgin Atlantic Airlines Goes All-in With Wearable Technology


Why, in my day airplanes didn’t have that much going on. Besides some disgusting food, and the occasional pathetic attempt to join the mile high club, there wasn’t much to do(oh yeah, bad movies.) However, times certainly are changing. Gone is the food, in exchange for some weak, stale peanuts and tiny bottles of water. The pathetic attempts at sky high coitus still exist, sure, but so does in-flight Internet, some airline-specific apps and all kinds of tech-heavy odds and ends. Now Richard Branson and his fantastical Virgin Airlines are going in heavy for wearable technology. Aww yeah.

So, here is the deal.  First of all, stewards can be found wearing Google glass devices, along with some sweet, Sony smartwatches. Of course, this is primarily for upper class customers(of course.) It’s all a giant experiment to see if wearable technology can enhance the customer experience. The devices beam relevant information to concierge staff, stuff like the customer’s name, dietary preferences and other useful info. Of course, being as how this is wearable technology, all of this information will be beamed directly in front of the eyeballs of said concierge staff. Go, wearable technology!

Again, this is just an experiment, but if it ends up going well, who knows, you could begin seeing VR-enabled eyewear and smartwatches all over the airport. Hey, it’s gotta be better than yet another China Express or Sbarro.