Vigo Headset Lets You Know When You Need a Little Nap


Sleeping. We all need it. Without it we get hungrier than usual, crabbier than usual and, well, more dead than usual. However, it’s sometimes hard to know when to lay down and catch of some elusive zzz’s, especially with all of those touchscreens all over the place. If only there was some kind of wearable technology that took the guesswork out of knowing when you were tired or not. Well, don’t snooze now, but there is something that does just that coming down the pike. Soon you’ll never have to think about if you are tired or not, a gadget will do it for you!

Introducing the Vigo, a headset whose intended use is telling you when your bones have gone from tired old bones to tired old bones, if you catch my drift(wait.) You wear it like any old headset, and the Vigo keeps track of your blinking patterns, heart rate and other bodily minutiae and lets you know when your are tired enough to drink a cup of coffee or tired enough to, gasp, get your booty to sleep. This information is relayed to your smartphone or tablet for instant perusal and the system will even gently nudge you awake if it thinks you are sleeping your life away.

The Vigo itself isn’t on store shelves yet, but the makers have taken to Kickstarter to finish funding for their device. You can preorder yours, and be the first not-so-tired kid on your block, by groggily plunking down around $79.