Vigil Monitoring’s Wireless Wristband Might Revolutionize At Home Patient Care


Going to the doctors sucks. Spending time at the hellscape known as the “hospital” is even worse. So, whenever technology makes it easier to receive the care we need in the comforts of our own home(and Netflix accounts) it is a very good thing indeed. In the past decade or so, since phones and computing technology have gotten better, in-home care has drastically improved. Of course, wearable technology is a huge part of this paradigm shift. Now a resourceful scientists plans on making home care even easier, and therefore better. Let’s hear it for eating pizza as we get a check up!

Scientist Sir Ray Avery, who is a friggin knight, has been tinkering with a wristband that monitors all aspects of in-home care, thus making information relay to a doctor both convenient and instantaneous. Avery, along with some private investors, have started a company called Vigil Monitoring, who will produce the device. Their wireless wrist strap will be worn at all times by the patient, and it will keep track of their heart beat, skin temperature, blood-oxygen concentration and location. The information will then be sent to an affiliated hub computer for analysis. Then it will be sent on to a doctor who will nod at it and then sagely rub their chin.

Sir Ray Avery, who again is an actual knight although in New Zealand, plans on having the wrist strap ready by October to perform a series of clinical trials. The device proper should be available for use sometime next year, if all goes according to plan. That’s good because, again, going to the doctors is a real drag.