VIDRIVE is a Snazzy, Customizable Flash Drive Bracelet


Being able to download any piece of media, be it audio or video, at any time certainly has its advantages over the old way of doing things. Firstly, we get to clean the clutter of our living rooms by eliminating those pesky CDs and DVDs. We also can dump everything we’ve ever loved on to one tiny hard drive. The only downside with this kind of life? Those hard drives fill up fast and then we are left doing damage control as he delete one thing to preserve another. If only there was another way to make sure we always had disc space for the stuff we cared about. Bonus points if it is wearable.

There is! Introducing the VIDRIVE, a wearable bracelet that doubles as a flash drive.  The hook here, in addition to the fact that you are wearing a flash drive, is the customization options inherent in the device. It ships with tons of different face plates and “looks” so you can personalize your bracelet however your heart sees fit. It was originally designed using a 3D printer and it works, of course, using USB connections. The bracelets come in a variety of hard drive sizes, so you can be sure to always have the ability to store all of your favorite music and shows(and also personal documents if you are into that sort of thing.)

The VIDRIVE, caps intended, has not reached the manufacturing stage yet. That’s where you come in. If you head on over to their Kickstarter and scrunch down around $30, you can call dibs on a 4GB bracelet. If you put down a bit more, you can request 8GB and 16GB drives. That’s a lot of tune-age and movies right there on your wrist. Here is a video.