Video Recording Backpack – O’Neill H4 Campack


O’Neill h4 Campack

The H4 Campack is designed to be used as a fully functional snowboard backpack with the addition of an integrated portable media player and external camera lens.

With ease-of-use lying at the heart of the H4 Campack, the wearer is able to start and stop recording almost effortlessly by pressing a large button positioned on the left shoulder strap. There is most probably no better way to film freestyle and freeride snowboarding action.

The portable media player is positioned in the backpack’s top pocket safely stored between protective padding. The media player records all the action captured by the goggle strap or helmet mounted camera lens. For instant review on the mountain slope, open the top pocket and check your action via the media player’s screen.

For sharing or Internet upload, take out the SD card which is used for video storage and copy the videos to a laptop.

h4 campack

“The huge popularity of online video sharing sites like Youtube makes this product more relevant than ever. Now featuring an integrated portable media player, the H4 Campack will redefine the meaning of effortless follow-cam filming and reviewing, and all at an affordable price.” says Eppo van Berckelaer, Marketing Director of O’Neill Europe.

The suggested retail price is €269,- (around US$ 367.-) and will be available coming November, just in time the get your snowboarding action up and running on YouTube.

One thing I miss in the Campack: iPod connection and control. For the real action the right music background is a must-have.