Video Earrings – Turning Your Ears Into Video Screens



There are a number of very interesting fashion choices out there, and many of them often incorporate technology into the mix. One of those interesting fashion choices are the new “Video Earrings” by a company called MJ Mclaren.

The earrings can display anything from a movie to a slideshow presentation to even an advertisement! All you have to do is load videos onto the device through an included USB cable and you’re set to play videos straight from your ears.

The package comes with two screens, two hooks to attach the screens to the wearers ears, and USB cables to be able to upload videos to the devices. They can even play sound, but they are not intended to be constantly playing sound.

The earrings can last between 4 and 8 hours on one charge, and can play most popular video formats including MOV, AVI, MP4, and so on. Currently the devices are only available in black, but MJ Mclaren is hoping to release more colors in the near future.

While the devices are intended to be earrings, in reality they can be hung wherever a piercing is present. Who knows, we could see people with screens hanging off their belly buttons in the near future!

videoearrings3 videoearrings2