This Victoria’s Secret Bra Connects Right to Heart Rate Monitors


Underwear is great. Underwear is good. Underwear helps protect our nether-regions from scorpions and other malfeasants. Of course, even though each of us wears underwear each and every day, these garments have been auspiciously absent from the ongoing high tech revolution. Why should they be left high and dry with nary an Arduino sensor to call their friend? It doesn’t have to be that way! Soon, very soon, all of our precious little frocks and smocks that we keep near our hineys and thingamajobbies will be filled to the gills with all manner of technology. Here is a high tech bra right now, brought to you by the amazing, astounding Victoria’s Secret.

The popular lingerie company has just unveiled their humbly named Incredible sports bra. These bras measure your heart rate, and potentially other vitals, and it does so in absolute secrecy, that is unless you are running around in just your bra like you are stuck in an 80s horror movie. The bra comes with all of the necessary electrodes to attach a heart rate monitor. Imagine, having your heart rate available to you just as long as you are wearing a bra. Of course, there is one downside, the bra doesn’t come with the monitor itself, only the connections for one. You’ll have to provide your own.

The Incredible is incredibly available right at this very instant, and can be yours for the incredible price of $75. This is the perfect gift for the cardio-fan in your life, no matter their bra preference.