These Vibrating Shoes Will Lead You To Your Destination


The world is a big place and getting where we want to go isn’t always the easiest thing around. To that end, we’ve developed marvelous technologies to allow us to get from point A to point B without pulling our hair out. It all started with the humble map and then developed into smartphones equipped with GPS technology, dedicated navigation systems and, well, more maps! However, walking around a strange city as you fumble around your phone isn’t always the safest and most elegant way to travel. Thankfully, there are now shoes that do this work for you.

Introducing SuperShoes, a pair of smart shoes that has been designed my the wizards over at MIT. The shoes connect via Bluetooth to your phone’s navigational abilities(GPS and the like.) All you do is put in your destination via a proprietary app, and then the shoes do the walking. Well, actually you do the walking but you’ll be doing the walking on top of the shoes. The shoes will quite literally vibrate to let you know when to turn and when you are on the right track. Take the guess work out of guess work! Wait what? In any event, nobody will know you are a tourist trying to find the nearest Starbucks so you can like you are at home again. They’ll just think you know the city really well. Isn’t fooling people into thinking you are smarter than you actually are part of the greatness of technology?

This is just a prototype design for now but it’s a great idea, so I’d expect it to show up in some form on store shelves in the next couple of years. We’ll, of course, let you know when that happens.