Vibram “Smart Shoe” Concept



Ok sure, it doesn’t have the same technology as your smartphone or smartwatch, but the new concept design for Vibram’s smart shoe concept sure includes some cool ideas! Vibram recently showed off some ideas that they have for the future of sneaker technology at the Outdoor Retailer show, and they proved that they sure do have some great ideas!

The sole of the shoe itself was more inspired by needs for things like the military and law enforcement, with the inclusion of an electronic board for integrating hardware into the shoe. The hardware could then be controlled by a small remote, or by a smartphone app.

One of the biggest features that the shoe included, and one of the most useful, was the LED light that was placed at the front of the shoe to act as a sort of headlight. This could be extremely useful in the dark, and would help people be able to see where they are going without causing any accidents. Not only that, but the lights also have 3 brightness settings, which could be useful in trying to keep a low profile. They also have a red flashing mode which is perfect for better visiblity during a late night running session.

Vibram also showed off some features that they would like to have in their future shoes. Essentially, Vibram envisions a shoe that includes sensors connected to a warning system for users. Things like a gas sensor for toxic gases, a proximity sensor to locate upcoming obstacles in dark situations, and a temperature sensor. These would be very useful for firefighters and law enforcement officers.

As of right now, the shoe is only a concept. Sure we could see these features one day, but even if we do, many of the features in this shoe will only be seen in shoes for military, law enforcement and firefighters.