Via Heartbeat Bracelet is Your Personal Cardiologist


The human heart is probably our most important vital organ(sorry, liver.) We need it to regulate blood pumping throughout our bodies and we also need it to act as a stand-in on all of those Valentine’s cards and candies. Also, what kind of profession would Cupid have without the human heart as source material? Still, the heart is a fragile beast. Any number of things can go with the darned thing, especially as we age(or smoke tons of cigarettes.) Heading out to the cardiologist isn’t the most cost-friendly thing out there, so why not gather up a piece of wearable tech that will, sort of, do the same job? Why, not indeed.

Introducing the Via Heartbeat Bracelet, a heart tracking monitor that you wear on your wrist like any other vitality tracking armband. It works by interacting with your standard heart rate chest strap. It takes that info, tracks some info of its own, and then beams all of that precious, precious data right to your retinae via(get it?) an array of colors. That’s right. The bracelet changes colors depending on what your heart rate is and other cardiological odds and ends. This item is especially useful for exercise buffs, allowing someone to track their heart rate without pushing any of those annoying buttons that people hate so much.

The makers of the Via have taken to Kickstarter to raise heart-healthy funds to get this thing to consumers. You can drop in $250 and reserve your own heart tracking bracelet if you have it to blow.