VERT Tracker Finds Out if You Have a Future in Dunking


Fitness trackers are great. They give us a window into, if not our soul, then at least our general health. They keep an eye on how much we run, how much we sleep and, uh, how much we sit in front of Netflix with a bottle of ranch dressing in our hand. There is one thing they don’t tend to do, however. Fitness trackers seem to focus exclusively on horizontal motion, without any idea just how vertical you can get. This tracker, however, can truly tell how high you can go. It’s sort of like an anti-limbo.

The appropriately named VERT tracker keeps a detailed eye on your, well, vert. You wear it like any other fitness tracker, you clip it to your shirt and then let the gadget do the rest. You jump. You leap. You generally try to get into the air. It tells you just how well you did. It tracks both distance traveled (up) and the speed in which you reached said distance. The makers of the device have not indicated if it would malfunction and explode if you were the next Michael Jordan, however.

Speaking of anything but basketball, these trackers have already been purchased en masse and employed by the US women’s volleyball team. The price isn’t exactly right with this one, however. A VERT will set you back $125, which seems like a lot for a single use gadget. If you are training to be a baller, or superhero, it could very well be worth it.