Verbatim’s Clip-it is part USB drive and part paperclip or tie-clip


Ah, the humble necktie. Not much you can do with them, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. Verbatim has entered the wearable tech game with their Clip-it devices. These handy-dandy doodads double as a paperclip, tie-clip or just about any other kind of clip. Oh yeah, they are also USB drives. How’s that for your two-in-one?

It has already won a couple of award for ingenuity and we are sure to start seeing it on the lapels of middle management drones everywhere. They come in seven different colors and two different storage sizes.

The 2GB model clocks in at just $12 and the 4GB model costs around $16. That is really a steal for something that can keep your necktie in place and store your entire Weird Al collection.