Velocomp iBike Powerhouse is the ultimate cycling snuggie for your iPhone


velocomp ibike powerhouse 1
Is there anything better than jumping on your precious steed and heading down the highway? The wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road, the gas station hamburgers. There is just something uniquely American about traveling when you want, how you want. Oh yeah. By ‘how you want’ we mean bicycling. Did you think we meant something else?

Velocomp, who have made quite a name for themselves in the bike accessory world, is back with some brand new hotness. The iBike Powerhouse is billed as “the world’s first intelligent cycling fitness system that automatically adjusts to your exercise goals.” We think it does just that. The device is basically a water-proof and shock-proof case for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It comes with an associated app which does all kinds of stuff. The app includes a cadre of sensors which track your speed, cadence and more. You can also switch what you are listening to on the fly for those of you who listen to music while biking. That seems unsafe. For shame.

The app also comes with a series of exercise regiments, depending on your goals and your skill level. The regiments have names such as “Brazilian Butt,” so you know they are serious. Also, we here at Crunchwear are not entirely sure what a Brazilian butt is(other than the obvious.) Please, anyone, fill us in.

The iBike Powerhouse packs a slightly powerful financial punch, though. The device costs $279 which each separate regiment clocking in at $10. Brazilian butts don’t come cheap, you know.