Vega Wang’s electroluminescent garments will knock your socks off


vega zaishi wang alpha lyrae 1
The world of wearable clothing has indeed extended on to the fashion runway. There are kinds of cool tech-heavy frocks showing up at places where the beautiful people congregate. Some of these are touch-sensitive. Some of these are help the hearing impaired. Some of these dresses are even made out of, gross, bacteria. Still, none of these items look like they stepped off of whatever passes for a runway in the TRON universe. That is, until now.

Vega Zaishi Wang’s “Alpha Lyrae” collection is named for a celestial body in the night sky and just by looking it is easy to see why. The eight-piece lineup harnesses electroluminescent technology to evoke the lonely and stirring beauty of the cosmos. Space, the final frontier and all of that. The garments made their official debut in September at The Creators Project event in Beijing. It was an amazing show, complete with accompanying DJs and light shows. Runway shows don’t have DJs enough, amirite?

Here is how she did it. Silk is printed with images of various constellations, nebulas and other bodies in space. Then electroluminescent paper, which is both lightweight and flexible, is used to back the silk. Programmed controllers power the luminous dresses, which when lit up, make even grown men weep tears of wonder.  Of course, these are only runway designs for now so don’t go rushing into your local Gap with your credit card in your hand. We’ll let you know when they become an actuality, and not just something pretty to look at sauntering down a runway. Check the video below to get your mind blown.