Vector Smartwatches Promise Absurdly Great Battery Life


Vector Smartwatch
One of the biggest mysteries regarding wearable technology is how companies are going to keep adding features, along with the requisite computing power, while keeping the battery life up. Apple, with their oft-hyped Watch, is going to just ignore it, creating a gadget that needs to be charged about as much as your phone. Other companies promise more battery life than half a day or so, but not too many offer tons and tons of battery life, so much that you don’t even really have to think about it. That is, no companies but Vector.

The company’s upcoming line of smartwatches boast, wait for it, a massive full thirty days of battery life on a single charge. That’s a month, or more than a month if you count scrappy ole February. There are two versions being released, which differ in aesthetics only. There’s the Luna, with a round face, and Meridian, with a rectangular one. We recommend the latter for those times when you really need to make a “what’s with the long face’ joke.

As far as functionality, besides the battery, goes, it seems to be able to handle most of the usual bells and whistles. It attaches to your phone and displays all pertinent messages right on the watch-face. Much of the controls are also gesture-based, meaning all it will take is the flick of the wrist to make the magic happen.

You can head to their website and pre-order your very own battery-conserving watches now. How much will they set you back? Anywhere from $199 to $349 and beyond, depending on your choice of strap and material. Here is a video of the watch in glorious action.