VEA’s Sportive mobile watch is also a phone


Like watches? Of course you do! Like being in shape? Of course you should! VEA are mashing these two together with their Sportive mobile watch line. After all, the less you have on you when you are running the better. You don’t want to get weighed down, I mean even more than you already are thanks to your incredible girth. Just kidding.

The VEA Sportive is one of those handy all-in-one workout watches that have been showing up in storefronts for a while now. It goes above and beyond, however. It’s a mobile phone, a watch, a camera and an MP3 player. It’s got a teeny touchscreen, supports Bluetooth and has 8GB of storage. Also, the Sportive has an SOS button that will send information to emergency services should you run into a spot of trouble. Wolves hunt joggers, after all.

These start shipping on July 14th. The only bad thing? The price is kind of steep. It’ll cost you around $578 throughout the summer. Once Fall hits, however, the price bumps up to around $722.