VEA Buddy – A Smart Watch That is Almost Here

VEA Buddy

VEA Buddy
While the Internet is abuzz with rumors and information about new smart watches to be released, one model of smart watch is almost ready to be released. With the help of social media and the Internet many companies have started fundraising online through websites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. This is the route VEA has chosen to take with their new smart watch.

One of the great things about the VEA Buddy is that is is universal, meaning that it connects to any smart phone or tablet through Bluetooth. This is a great feature for people who like to upgrade their smartphones more often than their watches, as it means that they won’t have to upgrade watches at the same time. Through Bluetooth, the VEA Buddy can announce almost all kinds of notifications to you, such as mail, text messages, and so on. When you receive a notification on your phone, the watch vibrates to alert you of the notification and displays the type of notification that it is.

Not only can the VEA Buddy display information on the notifications that you receive, but it can also control certain functions on your phone such as music. When playing music, the display on the phone shows a play/pause button, and both a next and previous button. It can even display GPS information!

The VEA Buddy is a leap foreword in smart watch technology, and is set to be one of the first smart watches on the market. You can even donate to the project through their Indigogo.