Valve Readying Their Own VR Eyewear Device


The real world is pretty cool sometimes but compared to the wonders of virtual reality, regular reality is just so boring. Virtual reality lets us walk around mystical landscapes and do great battle with great and fearsome beasts. Regular reality lets us, uh, eat cups of ramen noodles and check our Facebook pages 400 times a day. Ever since VR devices have started making waves in the wearable tech sphere, companies have been vying to be the first in line to offer magic-grade VR experiences to the consumer. Sure, the Oculus Rift has an extreme leg up on the competition, but that doesn’t mean other companies can’t try to make their mark. Now, Valve is joining the party.

Valve, who you may remember from making tons of great video games and operating a little service called Steam, has announced they have been quietly slaving away on their own version of a virtual reality eyewear device to compete with the Rift. The specifics on this device are scant, but the company has said they will be unveiling it for all the world to see in January. The infodump will occur at its Steam Dev Days developer’s conference on January 15-16. We’ll be there, of course, to drop any and all pertinent info on you guys.

Of course, there is no release date or pricing available yet as the device hasn’t formally been announced. If it’s in line with other Valve gadgets, however, we can be sure it will be mind blowing. After all, they are trying to take over the world and a crappy VR headset isn’t going to help them with that. We’ll let you know more in January.