Vachen – The Fashionable Smartwatch



Smart watches are going to start becoming the norm. Rumors about a possible iWatch are abuzz, and a number of other interesting new smart watch products have been announced. One of the latest of these products is the Vachen smart watch.

The idea behind the Vachen was that instead of having a smart device with clock functions, the people behind the Vachen wanted a watch with smart features. Because of this, Vachen is a watch before anything else, but it can also perform a number of smart functions that other watches cannot.

Despite the claim that Vachen is a watch with smart features rather than the other way around, the Vachen watch runs on Android Gingerbread and has a 1 GHz processor built in. Not only that, but the Vachen has Bluetooth AND WiFi connection, and each watch can communicate with other Vachen smart watches. Other hardware features include a touch screen, an accelerometer, and the fact that the watch is water resistant. Exactly how water resistant is unknown, as the fact that it is water resistant is all that is said on the Vachen Kickstarter.

The people behind Vachen also claim that it can run for up to 120 hours in sleep mode, which means that it will have to be charged at least every 5 days.

The software included in the Vachen, as stated before is Android Gingerbread. The watch comes with a number of expected features for an Android device, such as a calendar, alarms, and alerts for texts, calls and emails, but it also comes with the ability to change the face of the clock that is displayed. This is a cool little feature, and provides customization of the watch that other smart watches might not have. Different watch faces can be downloaded from the Vachen store.

The Vachen watch comes in a number of different shapes and sizes, and different kinds of straps, and the straps can be easily replaced if you find that you don’t like the straps that came with the particular model that you bought. Furthermore, more models are set to be released in the future, and there should be a model for everyone. To get a Vachen watch for yourself, you can donate to the Vachen kickstarter.