V-Moda Crossfade M-80 headphones – A new twist on an old design


Ah headphones. So many of you. So little time. Where to even start, right? Well V-Moda’s brand new Crossfade M-80 headphones are as good a place as any. Wait, doesn’t the name M-80 sound familiar? Besides being a popular weapon for the killing of people, the M-80 is also a previously released pair of headphones by V-Moda. Wait, what? Don’t worry these are the new M-80s.

This is a remix more than a re-release. Sure, it may look exactly like the venerable M-80 but deep inside that hood lurks some new tech. There’s memory foam padding on the earcups which makes for a more comfortable listening session. There are also two kevlar-wrapped cables with a microphone and different in-line controls are included to support most smartphones. These headphones are also sturdy. Just how sturdy? Well the company says they can survive over an 80 foot drop. Where’s that Youtube video guys?

The Crossfade M-80 remix is available now at a decent price of $230.