V.I.O. POV.HD video system captures 1080p through anything you desire


We all love sticking video recorders in places they previously could not be stuck. V.I.O. have been doing this for a decade, actually. Their newest baby is the POV.HD video system, which captures 1080p video through, well, just about anything.

The system can be tucked in just about anywhere, but is especially effective inside of helmets or other headgear. The two ounce IP67 camera features a six-element glass lens and a native 1080p CMOS sensor that can capture a 142 degree field-of-view. This is the widest angle on the market. Also, the playback will be in full HD at 30fps. The unit can also be adjusted to record 720p at 60fps with a 92 degree FOV for faster shots. The thing even comes with a two-inch LCD viewing screen with exposure and footage tagging controls. Yeah, this is more or less an all-in-one unit.

It comes with a price, however. The full unit will cost you around $600. The company is accepting preorders now.