V-Chip is a pocket-sized gadget that runs over 50 blood tests


Well, none of us enjoy getting blood tests(unless you are weird.) The needle is often prickly, and the nurses who dispense the tests often play cruel joke like pretending its going to be another few seconds then ramming it in early as you wince inwardly but pretend not to care outwardly.  Not to mention you have to waste all of that gas getting to the doctor’s office. Then there’s the matter of sitting in a crowded room waiting for your name to be called as you leaf through old, dusty magazines. Enough!

A forthcoming gadget called the V-Chip, which stands for “volumetric bar-chart chip,” lets you take all manner of blood test on the go. There will be no more need with sitting in that crowded doctor’s office, thank you very much. Of course, it’ll still prick your skin. Until we can beam blood to and fro like liquid Star Trek, that will be something we’ll have to learn to deal with.

Here’s how it works. Once it pulls a drop of blood from your finger, it distributes the blood into one of fifty different ‘wells.’ These wells can be pre-loaded with all sorts of different tests. Want to test insulin levels? It can do that. You can also test for forty-nine other things. The information is even pulled up right on the device in the form of an easy-to-read graph. This tech won’t entirely replace doctors visits for blood tests, but it sure could minimize them. Anyways, it hasn’t reached the consumer yet but you can watch a movie of it in action below.