USB Toast Hand Warmers keep your hands toasty both literally and aesthetically


Do you hear that? That is the gentle whisper of jack frost, laying down a torrent of freezing weather everywhere he touches. Or to put it less poetically, winter is really, really cold and it sucks. Sometimes, its even cold indoors. How can we be expected to truly enjoy the digital majesty of the Internet when our fingers are frozen to the keyboard? We can’t! Luckily, wearable technology is all over that problem like five layers of thermal clothing.

The solution is both useful and aesthetically pleasing, that is if you are into anthropomorphic toast. These USB-enabled hand warmers are shaped like cute pieces of toast. They plug right in to your computer via the USB drive and help to keep your hands warm as you tweet, Instagram and do whatever else it is people do online. The warmers let you set your own temperature so you can be sure to never get too hot or too old. Sweet, sweet choice and convenience. You’ll notice there are also several easily accessible holes for your thumbs, pointer fingers and the rest of your deluxe digits. Strap em on and you are ready to go!

These USB Toast Hand Warmers are available for pre-order now over at Firebox. The cost? Around $40 a pair. That’s $20 a slice for you math wizards out there. Also, no matter how hungry and delirious you get this winter, do not eat them. They may look like toast, but they are made out of fabric.