US Army and QinetiQ to deploy Individual Gunshot Detector, radar for bullets


The war-gadget arsenal continues to grow and grow. The latest entry in the government’s attempt to seamlessly merge video games and the horrors of war is the Individual Gunshot Detector, brought to in a joint effort by the US Army and a company called QinetiQ.

What does it do? Well it comes packed in with an acoustic monitor, that is especially tuned to the sound of approaching bullets. It comes with a wearable display that lets the soldier know where the bullets emanated from, and thus, how to avoid them. Gee, that actually sounds pretty cool. Let’s consider the paintball and even football implications. Receivers could wear them and go toward the sound!

13,000 of these units are being shipped to Afghanistan this month, with an additional lot of 1,500 to be sent there monthly. More on this as it develops.