URANIUM – Jeans with Display


uranium.jpgURANIUM Jeans is a French company devoted to bring the newest and innovative interactive clothing to market.

URANIUM Jeans introduced concept designs of Jeans and T-Shirts that have a flexible color micro-screen Display, made up of 273 pixels, embedded into the clothing. The display content can be changed to show different images/words using the built-in remote control.

The company claims that some models can work even with your cell phone through data transmission to change images/words. Up to 18 slogans with a maximum of 25 characters each and 33 animated pictures can be stored in the memory of the display.

The Uranium collection will sell for 90 Euros for a T-shirt and up to 250 Euros for a pair of jeans. Stores will open in the main fashion capitals of the world in the next months. The first store to open will be in Paris. The Los Angeles opening is planned for late summer 2006.

Our opinion: not really for so called ‘high fashion’ but what is this anyway?! If you can see yourself being bold (fashion wise) and like bringing colors to your life and the people around you then go for it.

Others glue or stitch sticker with slogans on their clothing (and can not even change them at will), so don’t be shy and show the world what you think about it.

Now it’s up to Uranium to deliver on it’s promise and help us to enlighten our T-Shirts and Jeans.