University of Michigan Researchers debut one-cubic-millimeter computer – Intended for optical use


Tech keeps getting smaller and smaller, as we all know. However, researches at University of Michigan may taken the tiniest great leap yet. They have designed a one-cubic-millimeter sized computer. Wow, right? As of right now, the researchers are intending it for optical use. You heard that right. They wanna stick it in your eye. Our collective cyborg futures are almost upon us!

This thing stuffs a pressure sensor, memory, thin-film battery, solar cell, wireless radio, and low-power microprocessor all into one very small container. It uses an advanced form of “sleep mode” that is found in cell phone and laptops. It is nearly always asleep unless when needed. This conserves energy because, in case you hadn’t realized, changing batteries in an eyeball can be tricky. Not that that matters, this thing uses solar energy. They truly have thought of everything.

Obviously this is still in the research stages, but once these things become commonplace, there is no telling what it could mean for the wearable tech industry.