UMSkinCheck app turns your iPhone into a cancer-spotting tool


UMskincheck iphone 1
We all have to take better care of ourselves. We need to drink fresh juice, take a couple of walks around the block and refrain from our sixteen pack-a-day cigarette habit. In short, we need to treat our bodies like a temple and not a dumpster in the back of a Brooklyn Burger King. This also means regular check ups and for those of us above, say, 25 regular cancer screenings. If only there was an app for that. Oh wait, there is!

The University of Michigan Healthy System has created an app called UMSkinCheck to help screen for skin scanner. Checking your body for skin cancer can be a laborious and humiliating process that involves having someone take tons of photos of you with your clothes off. This app doesn’t eliminate the photos or the nudity but it does streamline the whole process, complete with reminders to take more photos and to go see your doctor to report your findings. It also organizes every photo into area so you have visual proof if you think a mole has grown or you have a new mark somewhere on your precious frame.

The app walks you through each and every particular photo you need to take in order to be sure you are cancer free. There are 23 body spots to photograph in all. This may seem like a lot but, better safe than sorry. This free app is already available on the Apple App Store and is already rocketing up the charts. It’s in the top ten medical apps as of this writing. So, obviously, a lot of people want to make sure they don’t have skin cancer.

This isn’t breakthrough tech, per say, but it’s definitely a more user friendly way to make sure you stay healthy. Snap up the app and remember, go see your doctor! You aint getting any younger.