Ultrasone unveils IQ line of in-ear headphones, hybrid drivers in tow


Cooties. Nobody wants them. Nobody knows where they might reside. One likely habitat is our ridiculously-shaped ear canals. Who knows what kind of stuff hangs out there? It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine a few cooties hanging out with the likes of wax and Q-tip fragments. So, then, if it’s popularly accepted that those nasty canals house cooties, why are earbuds and in-ear headphones so darned popular? They are your one-stop shop to a wax-laden paradise. It seems every day a new, innovative pair of these cootie magnets show up on store shelves. Here comes another one now.

Ultrasone, who have been involved in the headphone scene for quite a while, unveiled their IQ line of in-ear headphones this week. These are the German company’s first ever in-ear headphones, actually. Thank goodness they are more than just mere buds. Each aluminum alloy capsule is a combo of a traditional dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver, with the former handling the bass and lower-mids, and the latter covering the rest. The exact specifics of the response will be covered at a later date, says the company. Still, who doesn’t like aluminum alloy?

The IQ line also comes with MMCX connectors, which means you can swap the original cables with a bundled headset kit. This is perfect for use with iPhones or Android devices. These snazzy buds hit the market sometime in September but you had better start saving now. Word on the streets is these puppies will set you back nearly $800, or 13,000,612 cooties.