The Ultimate in Wearable Tech – Lab Grown Penises Ready in Five Years


If anyone were to come up with a list of the Holy Grails in the wearable technology world, you’d get answers as diverse as a helmet that recreates the Holodeck to a piece of fabric that tracks every single health concern a person might have. You know what they’d forget about, however? Laboratory grown penises! The humble penis is, sort of, wearable and its a sad state of affairs when you get to a point in your male life when you can no longer use the darned thing. That’s where the wizards of wearable technology come in.

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have been busy as beavers creating a line of laboratory grown penises that look and function like those, uh, womb grown penises. In all seriousness, snark aside, this could be a boon for people with major erectile dysfunction as well as those experiencing gender reassignment surgery. They are using actual penis cells from a donor penis in order to achieve this feat so, in a sense, it is more or less a cloned penis. Cool! In tests with rabbits, the creatures were able to not only have sex but reproduce flawlessly using the lab-grown dinky (sorry.)

The scientists say that these fake/real penises could be ready to use on humans as soon as five years from now. It’ll change the landscape of humanity quicker than anything! In other news, the scientists involved are also trying their hand at creating lab grown vaginas, which are further away than five years.