UK startup aims to shake up wearable market


One of the pioneers of the U.K wearable technology market is launching a new product that aims to “shift the paradigm” in connected tech.

Kate Unsworth, the pioneer behind jewellery company Kovert Designs, is launching ZENTA- a fitness and mental health tracker via her new venture, Vinaya. According to Unsworth, the new product will do ” everything these market leaders do, but also incorporates the added dimension of mental wellbeing.”

Details on pricing, colours and availability are sketchy at present as the Indiegogo campaign has not yet launched, but the press release states ..

“ZENTA was designed to help you monitor your physical health, as well as understand your own behavioural patterns and emotions, so you can design your life in a way that makes the most sense for you. With a focus on decoding your stress triggers (and understanding their implications on things like productivity, sleep, happiness and fertility), ZENTA tracks physiological cues such as your heart rate, perspiration and temperature, and cross-references them against other data from your smartphone in order to understand cause and effect.”

More details will be available via the Vinaya website